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Laser Cleaning Machine: 2024 Best Laser Rust Removal

Laser cleaning machine also called laser beam machine, using a laser beam to remove the rust and dust in the object surface and keep the material base cleaning and workable for further work process. So laser cleaning machine also called laser rust removal, laser paint removal, laser rust remover and so on.

Our TIPTOP laser cleaning machine mainly used in metal cleaning process, the application include automobile, engine, aircraft, aerospace, shipping and so on, and also the laser cleaning machine can work on non-metal materials, such as electronic industry, rubber, quartz, ceramic, and so on.


laser cleaning machine
laser rust removal

Laser cleaning method is a good method for laser paint removal for pre -repainting process, pre-welding process. In the laser cleaner model, there are handheld laser cleaning machine, portable laser cleaning machine, pulse laser cleaning machine. In different power, there are 100w laser cleaning machine, 200w laser rust removal, 300w laser cleaning machine, 500w laser cleaner and so on, most of them are pulse laser cleaning model. Besides this, we also have continuous laser cleaning machine with 1000w laser cleaning machine, 1500w / 2000w fiber laser cleaning machine and so on. If you want the laser cleaning machine price, welcome contract us, we would like to supply the most affordable laser cleaner with least cost.

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200w laser cleaning machine

Laser Rust Removal Gun Weight:650g Size: 450x163x312mm Weight:12kgs

300w laser cleaning machine

Machine Size:720mm X 420mm X 590mm Machine Weight: 110kg

Laser Cleaning Machine Category

  • 100w pulse laser cleaner 
  • 200w pulse laser cleaning machine
  • 300w pulse laser rust removal 500w laser cleaner
  • 500w pulsed laser
  • 1000w laser rust removal 
  • 1500w laser cleaning machine
  • 2000w laser cleaning machine
  • 600mm width cleaner
  • 50w portable laser cleaning machine
  • 100w Portable Cleaning Machine
  • Backpack small size pulse laser cleaner

Laser Cleaning Machine Models

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Laser Cleaning Machine Application

Mold Cleaning

Laser cleaning machine can be widely used in automatic production and mold cleaning, such as tire molds, casting molds, injection molds. The laser cleaning machine can safely remove production residues, contaminants, mold release agents, etc. from the surface of smart tools,leaving the surface of abrasive tools as bright as new. Efficient cleaning of nickel, stainless steel,aluminum and high-strength steel molds or parts without damage to the substrate

Transportation industry, such as ships, bridges, aviation parts

The pulse cleaning machine can effectively select the cleaning area, precisely control the cleaning range, and can remove ships, bridges, aviation all coatings on substrates such as parts,

Removes oxides, chlorides, various organic or inorganic residues.

After using laser cleaning, all kinds of oxides, grease, and oil residues on the surface can be removed very well, and no generate secondary pollution, no need to deal with pollutants, wash and remove sandstone, marble, granite, terracotta and concrete soil without causing physical damage or damage to the building’s surface.

Pretreatment before welding fabrication

The laser cleaning machine can remove the lubricant and ferrous metal impurities on the metal, and it can be cleaned before welding, which can improve the welding performance, the quality of the connection is improved, and the welding stability is improved.

FAQ: Laser Cleaning Machine

How much does a laser cleaning machine cost?

Our TIPTOP work as a laser cleaning manufacturer, mainly engaged in produce the portable laser cleaning machine easy to use, handheld laser cleaning machine and so on, we have three model laser cleaning machine – portable laser cleaning machine, pulse laser cleaning machine, and fiber laser handheld laser cleaning machine. They have different specification and different power, normally the portable laser cleaning machine cost is 12000USD/unit or so, the 100w-500w pulse laser cleaning machine price 10000- 90000USD/unit, and the fiber laser cleaning machine price from 1000w -2000w is 6500-11500 USD. If you want to know the laser rust removal cost, welcome contract us freely, let’s find a suitable laser cleaner for you.

What can a laser cleaner clean?

Laser cleaning is a green and environment friendly cleaning method, because laser rust removal can replace the use of chemical and abrasive cleaning method, this cleaning method will harm the material base and lead to some pollution, meanwhile the laser cleaning machine is a non-contact cleaning process. So there is no secondary waste after the cleaning work.

Laser cleaning is a green cleaning method, it can be used to remove dust and rust in the metal and none metal material. For example, the laser cleaning machine can work on plastic injection molds, rubber molds. And the laser cleaning machine is also a good cleaning tool for metal substrate and product pieces, the laser cleaning system can remove rust and dust and oxide deposition quickly and entirely, and the laser cleaner also clean the resin surface, oil stains, dirt, rust, coating, paint on all kinds of metal, cleaning a rusty grille down to a shiny metal.

How does a laser cleaning machine work?

Different material can absorb different wavelength of the light, As laser etching machines work, laser cleaning machine also use the focused energy on the surface of material, and during the laser rust removal machine work, the dust and rust absorb the high energy and get moved off under high temperature, meanwhile the metal or material base absorb different wavelength and have no effect, with this process, the laser cleaning machine finish the cleaning work efficiently, in fact, the laser rust removal has been the most popular cleaning method in industry cleaning field.

What power do I need to run a laser cleaning machine?

Low Power Laser Cleaning Machine:

Low power is not eye-catching. . A variety of low-power, low-fifth cleaning products are available using similar solutions. His launcher, the high-intensity cleaner, is similar.


  • Restoration of historical relics
  • collectibles
  • precision instrument
  • Rubber/Assortment
  • need any cleaning product

Medium power laser cleaning machine

TIPTOP medium power laser cleaners provide faster speeds and allow for product cleaning and are ideal for the following:

  • Remove metal oxides or lubricants before welding
  • Metal corrosion removal on the surface of mechanical equipment
  • Surface rust removal
  • Composites and Tire Molds
  • Skin Removal on an Airplane

High power cleaning machine

High-power laser cleaners can generate a lot of energy and are ideal for industrial use. It can do the following cleaning tasks:

  • Severe metal corrosion
  • Harmful coating
  • Weld precision

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