300w pulse laser cleaning machine

300w Pulse laser cleaning machine with best price for sale

There are 200w pulse laser cleaning machine, 300w pulse laser cleaning machine with water cooling system for choice.

Easy to remove the coating, paint, rust, residue, oxide layer with high efficiency, low cost and without damage to the base material. It is widely used in industrial area, such as automotive, mechanical,  electronics, historical restoration, ship vessel maintenance and more.

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300w pulse Laser cleaning machine
  • 8.Air inlet of filter screen

The unique design of portable dismounting dustproof net, better air intake, dustproof and anti dirty, easy to disassemble and maintain

  • 9.Heat sink :

Unique heat dissipation design,’easy for water tank heat dissipation,make water tank operation more sta ble and efficient.

  1. Displaylamp: Three color light, red is working state, yellow color is ready for work, and green is positive Normal state, more eye-catching and beautiful
  2. Keys witch: Prevent unrelated personnel from accidentally opening
  3. Siemens safety Emergency stop switch: Big brand products(sturdy and durable)
  4. Door handle: Personalized design,with lock function
  5. Display screen: More compact,double layer screen protector
  6. Handrail : Easy to push and pull, strong and durable
  7. Silent wheel: Unique widening and miniaturization design,smaller, Clever and beautiful,more stable and firmer,More convenient to move
300w pulse laser cleaner