Portable laser cleaning machine- 2023 best portable laser machines for sale

The portable laser cleaning machine are ideal cleaning tools for cleaning the resin of subject surface, oil stains, dirt, rust, coating, paint as well as corrosion from all common metal surfaces like steel, iron, aluminum, and more. Our TIPTOP portable laser cleaning machine manufacturer developed the most light weight pulse laser cleaning machine with the weight of 10.5kgs.


New Arrival !

  • Laser Rust Removal Gun Weight:650g
  • Size: 450x163x312mm
  • Weight:12kgs

100w backpack portable laser cleaning machine

  • Created on 25th,April, 2024
  • Size:400x300x160mm
  • 8 Cleaning Modes
  • Maintenance Free
  • The 5th Laser rust removal gun
  • 650g wight for laser cleaning head
  • Customized Color for choice
  • New model design for CW laser cleaning machine
  • Creative in 24th Feb, 2024
  • Light Weight And Small Size With Competitive Price
  • Portable trolley case design
  • The weight of the whole machine is 20.2kg

300w Laser Cleaning Machine

  • Machine Size:720mm X 420mm X 590mm
  • Machine Weight: 110kg

50w portable laser cleaning machine

Size: 130x225x280 mm

Weight: 8.5 kgs

100w portable pulse laser cleaning machine for sale

Size: 150x280x380 mm

Weight: 10.5 kgs

50w laser cleaning machine video show

50w laser cleaning machine work on all kinds of metal cleaning with small size and lowest cost, it’s a good tool for laser cleaning machine beginner.

100w portable laser cleaning machine

A good choice in graffity cleaning and wall cleaning, the weighs as little as possible, easy to carry on a scaffold for cleaning the wall bricks