Pulse Laser Cleaning Machine : 2024 best pulase laser cleaner for sale

Pulse Laser Cleaning Machine is more accurancy than Continuous-wave laser cleaning machine, we have two model pulase laser cleaning machine, the difference not only in their power, but also in the chilling style, one is air cooling pulse laser cleaner, and the other is water cooling laser cleaner. The air cooling pulse laser cleaner is mainly in 100w, 200w, and the water cooling pulse laser cleaner is among in 200w, 300w, 400w, 500w and higher power 1000w pulse laser cleaner. If you are looking for the pulse laser cleaning machine price, welcome contract us freely.

100w pulse laser cleaning machine
500W pulse laser cleaning machine
200w laser cleaning machine

50w/100w Portable laser cleaning machine

  • Smallest pulsed laser cleaner, mini size, 8.5kgs/10.5kgs
  • Portable and backpack laser cleaning machine
  • A new and hot sale model cleaner when it was developed since 2022

200w Portable Laser Cleaner

  • Laser Rust Removal Gun Weight:650g
  • Size: 450x163x312mm
  • Weight:12kgs
  • Creative in April,2023
  • Portable trolley case design
  • The weight of the whole machine is 20.2kg
  • Overall smaller size
  • Compatible with other hardware
  • Performance remains stable
  • Energy saving during operation
  • New Outlook design with samller size in NOV. 2023
  • High effiency use in metal fabrication industry.
  • Integrated in production line

Consist of high-quality components , which including RAYCUS laser source , self-developed 2D cleaning head and more . It is a laser rust removal tool with a high power. That enable it to remove rust and many other stain quickly and clean without any damage for materials.

  • Designed for light and compact ,
  • The machine weighs less than 75kg .
  • An entry-level cleaning machine for rust remove, paint, and oil etc .

200w air cooling laser cleaning machine

Our engineer optimized the pulsed laser cleaner size and weight, make it save much cost in shipping from China to you. Not only the size of the machine is smaller, but the overall appearance is also very beautiful.  Eight cleaning modes can meet your different cleaning requirements.

Easy to remove the coating, paint, rust, residue, oxide layer with high efficiency, low cost and without damage to the base material. It is widely used in industrial area, such as automotive, mechanical,  electronics, historical restoration, ship vessel maintenance and more.