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Laser Marking Machine: 2022 Laser Engraver For Sale

TIPTOP’s latest laser marking machines combine the functions and advantages of laser engraving machines and cutting machines to provide customers with various power levels and various wavelengths of laser marking machines, such as mini laser marking machines, fiber laser marking machines, UV marking machines, etc. They are capable of laser cutting and marking not only metals, but also non-metallic materials, glass, ceramics, plastics, etc. Laser marking machines are our revolutionary laser marking series developed by TIPTOP with top technology and latest features.

Laser marking machine is a product with more applications in the production and circulation of industrial products, which can engrave or print clear product brands, tracking codes, production batch numbers, etc. Laser marking is a non-contact marking method, which is clearer and more durable and wear-resistant than other printing methods, and has the characteristics of environmental protection and energy saving.

cnc laser engraver

cnc laser engraver

CNC engraving machines L(mm): 1290 W(mm): 860 H(mm):1780 CBM: 1.97 N.W.(KG):350 G.W.(KG):395 Click here CNC engraving machines Product Name cnc

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laser engraving machine mini

MINI laser engraver

mini Lasesr marking machine L(mm): 860 W(mm): 520-730 H(mm):780-820 CBM: 0.37-0.48 N.W.(KG):70 G.W.(KG):73-98 Click here MINI Laser Marking Machine Specification

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Our Innovations

Laser Marking Machine Models

Fiber laser marking machine

Fiber laser marking machine is a highly efficient laser marking method, the use of 6mm laser head fiber laser marking machine can mark 2000 characters / second, fiber laser marking pollution-free suitable for high environmental requirements of the industry, such as food and beverage, pharmaceuticals, electronic products, consumer products, fiber laser marking is the more ideal choice.

Transportation industry, such as ships, bridges, aviation parts

The pulse cleaning machine can effectively select the cleaning area, precisely control the cleaning range, and can remove ships, bridges, aviation all coatings on substrates such as parts,

UV Marking Machine

UV marking machine is more used in plastic products industry, such as polyethylene products, lead seal products, pharmaceutical polyethylene packaging, synthetic materials, etc. UV marking machine has natural sterilization properties, so it is suitable for pharmaceuticals, cosmetics and other fields with strict requirements for colonies, UV marking machine is a good choice.

Pretreatment before welding fabrication

The laser cleaning machine can remove the lubricant and ferrous metal impurities on the metal, and it can be cleaned before welding, which can improve the welding performance, the quality of the connection is improved, and the welding stability is improved.

FAQ: Laser Marking Machine

What is laser marking machine?

Laser marking is the use of laser technology to engrave the surface of an object under the control of a computer according to the designed graphics, thus leaving the engraved shape and graphics on the object to form a mark. Laser marking has a particularly wide range of applications and can be used on metal materials such as steel, titanium, aluminum and copper to form readable text, logos, and traceable serial number QR codes on the surface of some machines, while laser marking machines can also be used on non-metal products such as ceramics, plastics, glass, wood, paper and cardboard to form special symbols or image markings.

The working principle of laser marking machine
Laser marking uses the heat energy generated by the laser to act on the surface of the object, causing the surface to melt and evaporate within a short period of time, changing the properties and appearance of the material, thus revealing the deeper material and creating a certain height difference between the melted part and the material itself, thus completing the engraving and marking of the pattern and producing beautiful patterns, trademarks, and text. Laser engraving has a limited character, only limited to the part of the laser marking machine computer set in the pattern, and does not affect other areas, so it has a very high accuracy and precision.

What can a laser marking machine do?

Laser engraving machines can be used for all kinds of metal marking work. For example, the common metal stainless steel, aluminum alloy and gold, silver, copper and iron precision processing, laser marking machine can be processed on the material of some small size of the complex pattern. In addition, laser marking machine in the surface treatment of metal objects also has a good marking effect, such as the surface after electroplating products, dyed black, dyed products, aluminum oxide surface marking, fiber laser marking machine can be engraved on many metal samples with clear traces, especially suitable for precision marking on these samples.

Laser marking machine is also a good tool for marking non-metallic objects. Especially for marking on organic polymers, leather and plastic products, as well as some electronic components, such as low-voltage appliances, relays, light switches, etc. These materials are mostly marked by fiber laser markers for corresponding operations, which CO2 laser markers and semiconductor laser markers cannot mark.

Laser marking machine in other areas of application: optical communications, medical, industrial processing, optical information processing and other fields play an important role.

How does a laser marking machine work?

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