100W Portable Laser Cleaning Machine

100w pulse laser cleaning machine

100w portable laser rust removal machine for sale

Non-contact cleaning.

No consumables.

No damage.

No chemical pollution.

Upgraded 100w pulsed laser cleaning,lightweight and easy to use.254mm focal length,cleaning range up to 100*100.

100w portable pulse laser cleaner
Max average power(W) 100
Power range(%) 10-100
Max peak power(KW)  
Output central wavelength(nm) 1064
Bandwidth(nm) 5
Max pulse energy(mJ) 1.5
Pulse repetition rate(kHz) 20-200
Pulse width(ns) 180±10@65kHz
Beam quality(M2) 1.6
Fiber length(m) 3
Min bending radius(mm) 150
System power sypply requirement 220
Power Consumption(W) 600
Operating temperature(℃) 10-40
Storage temperature(℃) ﹣10-60
Relative humidity(%) <80
System dimensions(L*W*H,mm) 359.5*380*152
Total weigth(Kg) 10.5
Laser head weight(Kg) <1.5
Laser head type 2D scanning
Laser head scanning range(mm*mm) 100*100
Laser head focus length(mm) 160、254
Laser head operating mode Manual/Auto
Laser safety classification Class 4