200w laser cleaning machine

200w laser cleaning machine

TPC-200W Pulse Handheld Fiber Pulse Cleaner

  • The new upgrade
  • overall smaller size    
  • Easy and fast to use  
  • Eight cleaning modes  
  • Strong cleaning ability    
  • Tablet that can be controlled by hand
  • More powerful functions in a smaller body

200w Pulsed laser cleaning machine specification

200w pulsed laser cleaning machine
Maximum output power Maximum single pulse energy Power adjustment range Output power  instability
200w 1.8mj 10-100% ≤5%
Fiber length Laser protection class Scan width Cooling method
4m (max10m) 4 100/175mm other optional air cooling

200w laser rust removal

The upgraded 200w laser cleaner is much smaller in size, easy to use and handle. It also has eight cleaning modes, and the strong cleaning ability will help you to clean up everything around your house within seconds. With one simple click, you can get rid of dust, remove stains paint removal, . Moreover, this 200w laser cleaning machine device is equipped with a tablet that can be controlled by hand, which totally contains more powerful functions in a smaller body.

200w pulse laser cleaning machine price

200w Laser cleaning machine accessories

Cleaning head

  • 100mm/175mm scaning area   
  • Lightweight and easy to operate

IPAD controller

  • Handheld operation  
  • Supports eight cleaning modes  
  • Multiple languages can be changed

Machine as a wholed

  • Overall small size  
  • Easy to move  
  • Wide range of applications

Pulsed Fiber Laser

  • Efficient air cooling to protect the laser
  • Protection goggle
  • Prevent laser damage to eyes