500W pulse laser cleaning machine

500w Pulse Laser Cleaning Machine

This 500w pulse laser cleaning machine consist of high-quality components , which including RAYCUS laser source , self-developed 2D cleaning head and more . It is a pulse laser rust removal tool with a high power. That enable it to remove rust and many other stain quickly and clean without any damage for materials.

Power 500W
Laser type nanosecond pulsed fiber
Maximum output power (W) 500
Center wavelength (nm) 1064±5
Fiber Beam Quality( M2) ≤62.5
Power adjustment range(%) 10-100
Output power instability(%) ≤5
Pulse length (ns) 130-160
Laser pulse frequency (KHZ) 20-50
Maximum single pulse energy (mJ) 25
cooling method Water Cooling
Scanning width mm*0.7 150、200、 250、300
Fiber length (m) 10
Laser protection class 4
Total power (W) 4500
Dimensions (mm) 1080*710*1170
Packaging size (CM) 122*81*140
total weight (kgs) 233
Packed weight( kgs) 274