3 in 1 tiptop laser machine

3 in 1 laser machine : unit welder, cutter, cleaner

This unit laser machine collect the laser cutter, laser welder, and laser cleaning machine in one unit, meet with different needs with the lowest cost. 

The user just need change the laser cleaning machine head to change different usage.

  • 3in1 Multi-use
  • Simple control system
  • Improve work efficiency
  • Cost effective

3 in 1 unit laser machine specification:

  • Cleaning range: 1- 60mm
  • Welding depth: 0.1-6mm
  • Cutting metal thickness: 1mm
  • Power adjustment range : 10- 100%
  • Working voltage: 220V/380V optional
  • Cooling method: water cooling
  • Laser head weight : 700g

3 in 1 machine spare parts

automatic wire feeder

Automatic wire feeder

Convenient to replenish materials
and improve work efticiency

Au3tech laser head:

  • Real time display of work status
  • Copper nozzle with compact structure
  • High quality optical elements stable beam quality

Max fiber laser

  • Higher photoelectric conversion.
  • More stable beam quality.
  • Stronger anti-high reflection ability
  • for better cutting results.

HANLI water cooling:

  • Overall smaller size.
  • Compatible with other hardware.
  • Performance remains stable.
  • Energy saving during operation.

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