TIP TOP new model laser cleaning machine
600mm laser cleaning machine

Super Width Laser Cleaning machine

  • 600mm laser cleaning width
  • 2-3 times than traditional cleaning width
  • New design laser rust removal gun
  • Working Speed:60m2/h
  • Laser rust removal gun: 900g
  • triple defense with safe lock

Our professional R&D team develop the new model laser cleaning machine with the width of 600mm, this is the first model laser cleaning machine with such width in the market, it will help the user to improve the work efficient and save more time.


Interface typ


Power range:

s 3000WV

Support air pressure

 7bar (nitrogen or compressed air)

Cleaning adjustment range



Collimation distance


Focus distance


Cooling method

water cooling

Laser wavelength:


5 Model output laser for choice :

  • Linear cleaning mode
  • Cleaning width: 600mm
  • Spiral cleaning mode
  • Cleaning width: 570mm
  • Rectangular cleaning mode
  • Cleaning width: 320mm
  • Circular cleaning mode
  • Cleaning width: 400mm
  • Circular filling horizontal and vertical cleaning mode
  • Cleaning width: 380mm