Laser Cleaning of Metal From Rust

We offer two types of apparatus with a laser radiation source CW and QCW.

QCW – pulse laser cleaning machine, a classic version with a wide range of settings, suitable for all types of stripping operations. Rough and gentle surface cleaning, restoration, mold cleaning, etc. The laser does not heat or damage the substrate of the material.

CW- with constant radiation is used for rough cleaning of ingrained rust, scale, several layers of paint, dense oil deposits. May partially damage the substrate of the workpiece by heating. As a rule, it is used for the restoration of industrial equipment, valves, pipes, machine tools, in shipbuilding, stripping welds. It is characterized by a low, affordable price. A laser source is used, as in laser cutting and welding machines. Ideal for removing rust with a laser at high performance.

Fiber laser devices for metal cleaning are used in all areas of industry. Thanks to the laser energy, such contaminants and coatings as rust, welding scale, carbon deposits, paint coatings, oil deposit products, adhesive coatings, electroplating coatings, laser cleaning of molds from rubber and soot are cleaned.

Depending on the degree of contamination or the depth of corrosion, rust uses laser sources of varying power from 50 to 1000 watts. As a rule, such devices consist of a housing inside which there is a fiber laser radiation source, a control board, a power supply unit of the device, as well as water cooling – control buttons are installed from the outside of the unit, as well as a control panel for the operating modes of the laser installation. An important component of the device is the gun that the operator uses to clean the surface. They come in different designs depending on the type of tasks.

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