Laser Rust Removal Machine Application

Laser Rust Removal Machine Application


Laser rust removal machine using high-frequency high-energy laser pulse irradiation workpiece surface, the coating layer can instantly absorb the focused laser energy, so that the surface of the oil, rust spots or coatings occur instantaneous evaporation or peeling, high-speed and effective removal of surface adhesion or surface coating cleaning method, and the action time is very short laser pulse, in the appropriate parameters will not harm the metal substrate.

Laser cleaning equipment is a new generation of high-tech products for surface cleaning. It is easy to install, operate and automate. Simple operation, turn on the electricity, turn on the equipment, that is, no chemical reagents, no media, no dust, no water rust removal, automatic focus, fit the surface to remove, remove the surface cleanliness and other advantages.

1、Cleaning of molds.

Traditional cleaning methods include sandblasting, ultrasonic or carbon dioxide cleaning, etc., but these methods usually must be in the high heat of the mold after several hours of cooling, and then move to the cleaning equipment for cleaning, cleaning the time required is long, and easy to damage the accuracy of the mold, chemical solvents and noise will also produce safety and environmental issues. The use of laser cleaning method, because the laser can use optical fiber to transmit, so in the use of deep flexibility; because the laser cleaning method can be connected to the optical fiber and the light guide to the mold of the dead corner or not easy to remove the parts of the cleaning, so easy to use; because the rubber and no gasification, so will not produce toxic gas, affect the safety of the working environment. Laser cleaning tire mold technology has been used in large numbers in the tire industry in Europe and the United States, although the initial investment costs are high, but can save standby time, to avoid damage to the mold, work safety and save raw materials on the gains made quickly recovered.

2,Laser rust removal use in the cleaning of weapons and equipment.

Laser cleaning technology is widely used in the maintenance of weapons. The use of laser cleaning system, you can efficiently and quickly remove rust, corrosion, pollutants, and can be selected for the removal of parts to achieve the automation of cleaning. Using laser cleaning, not only the cleanliness is higher than the chemical cleaning process, and for the object surface almost no damage. Laser removal of waste materials on the environment basically does not constitute pollution, but also can be operated at a distance, effectively reducing the health damage to the operator.

3, Laser rust removal use in the removal of old aircraft paint.

In Europe laser cleaning system has long been used in the aviation industry. The surface of the aircraft after a certain period of time to repaint, but before painting the original old paint needs to be completely removed. The traditional mechanical removal of paint method is easy to damage the metal surface of the aircraft, bringing hidden dangers to safe flight.

4、Cleaning of building facades by laser rust removal

With the rapid development of China’s economy, more and more skyscrapers were established, the building facade cleaning problems are increasingly prominent, laser cleaning can be effective cleaning of a variety of stone, metal, glass on a variety of pollutants, and many times more efficient than conventional cleaning. Can also be a variety of stone on the building’s black spots, color spots to remove.

5, Laser rust removal used in cleaning in the electronics industry

Electronics industry using laser removal of oxides: electronics industry needs to be high-precision decontamination, especially suitable for the use of laser to remove oxides. In the circuit board before welding, component pins must be thoroughly de-oxidized to ensure the best electrical contact, in the process of decontamination also can not damage the pins. Laser cleaning can meet the requirements of use, and high efficiency, a pin only need to irradiate the laser once.

6, precision machinery industry in the precise de-esterification cleaning.

Precision machinery industry often need to parts used to lubricate and anti-corrosion esters and mineral oil to remove, usually by chemical methods, and chemical cleaning often still have residues. Laser de-esterification can be esters and mineral oil completely removed, without damage to the surface of the parts. Its contaminant removal is accomplished by shock waves, which are formed by the explosive vaporization of thin layers of oxides on the part surface, resulting in the removal of contaminants, rather than by mechanical interaction. Complete material de-esterification is used for the cleaning of mechanical parts in the aerospace industry. Mechanical parts processing of oil ester removal can also be used for laser cleaning.

7,Laser rust removal used in nuclear power plant reactor pipeline cleaning.

Laser cleaning system is also used in the nuclear power plant reactor pipeline cleaning. It uses optical fiber, the high power laser beam into the reactor interior, directly remove radioactive dust, cleaning down the material cleanup is convenient. And since it is operated from a distance, it can ensure the safety of the staff.



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