Easy 2 steps to choose a laser cleaning machine

Laser cleaning is an environmentally friendly and efficient cleaning method, whether it is cleaning cars in personal life, cleaning beams in house renovation, or cleaning rust on aircraft bulkheads in the aerospace field used in industrial production, and falling off production equipment. Embroidery traces, etc., can see the wide application of laser cleaning machines. Laser cleaning machines are suitable for cleaning various organic and inorganic substances, such as oil, rust, mold release agent, paint, etc. There are various types of laser cleaning machines on the market, how to choose a suitable laser cleaning machine, and what you should know before buying ? Our JNCT company will give a certain introduction and recommendation according to the model of laser cleaning machine combined with user needs, to help customers find a suitable laser cleaning machine.

Before recommending a suitable laser cleaning machine and proposing corresponding cleaning solutions, we need to deeply understand your application needs. Here are some common questions:

  • What do you need to clean with a laser cleaner? 
  • What is the size of the wash? 
  • Are there clear pictures or videos showing the area and shape of the pollutants?
  • What is the substrate of the item you need to clean? For example, common laser cleaning substrates include metal products, stainless steel paint and rust removal, house beams based on carbon steel, as well as stone and ceramic products.
  • How thick is the contamination of the object to be cleaned? what type? Paint or oxidized rust? Or grease or something?
  • Which cleaning method was used before this? 
  • How long is the cleaning cycle?
  • What cleaning rate do you want to achieve?
  • What is the next processing step after the item has been cleaned?
  • Are there any details in the operation and processing that need to be paid attention to?


Our TIPTOP laser cleaning equipment is committed to providing users with suitable laser cleaning solutions. Once we have a better understanding of your application, we will give you appropriate recommendations based on the characteristics and applicable types of our products, in order to meet expectations We will carry out corresponding simulation experiments in the laboratory for the models we recommend to optimize the laser cleaning parameters to obtain the best pulse width, frequency, scanning speed and other parameters, no matter from the technical parameters or from the actual operation. , all match a suitable model.

In terms of machine parameters, we need to consider the following aspects:
Choose the right laser: The laser needs to consider the transmission system and power,
How to choose the transmission system of the laser cleaning machine?
The common transmission systems of laser cleaning machines on the market include continuous laser transmission and pulsed transmission laser cleaning machines, both of which are fiber laser transmission cleaning methods. It can effectively remove pollutants, paint, rust, etc. on the surface of objects. But there are differences in usage and cost.

Pulse laser, power range of 100w-1000w is common low-power pulsed laser cleaning machine, there are 100w, 200w, 300w, relatively low power can better control the heat input and prevent the substrate temperature from being too high or micro-melting.

Continuous laser cleaning machines use high-power lasers, commonly used are 1000w, 1500w, 2000w, the heat input of high-power continuous light is greater, so the damage to the substrate will also increase.
According to different substrates, for applications with high precision, it is necessary to strictly control the temperature of the substrate, and the substrate is required to be free of damage, you can choose to use a pulsed laser cleaning machine, such as molds, cultural relics cleaning, etc.
For products that do not require high substrate damage, such as steel structures, pipes, mechanical equipment, etc., which are large in size and fast in heat dissipation, continuous lasers can be used.

Choose the right power level
According to the transmission method, we have pulsed laser cleaning and continuous laser cleaning. From the perspective of power, there is a clear distinction between the two, and there is also a certain overlap.

Low Power Pulse Cleaner:
The power of pulsed laser cleaning machines is generally relatively low, such as common 100w pulsed laser cleaning machines and 200w pulsed laser cleaning machines, which are generally called low-power laser cleaning machines. This type of laser cleaning machine uses short-pulse laser, although the power is low, but the effect is very large. Their greatest feature is to provide a gentle, high-precision cleaning method with minimal damage to the substrate. Suitable for historical restoration, coating removal and small area cleaning, high cleaning strength, suitable for welding spot/solder black cleaning; rust removal; oxide layer removal, oil stain removal.
Low Power Pulse Cleaner Applications:
The low-power pulse cleaning machine is suitable for cleaning household valuables, historical relics, injection molds, small auto parts, hardware industry, stainless steel product factory; new energy/power battery industry (pole, pole piece cleaning, power battery module welding Before cleaning), etc., any way that requires gentle cleaning without damaging the substrate can choose a low-power pulse cleaning machine.
In terms of cooling method, the heat generated by the low-power laser cleaning machine is small, so the cooling demand can be met by using the air-cooled cooling method.

Medium Power Laser Solutions
Our medium power lasers have a faster cleaning speed and can clean larger surface areas, the common ones are 300w, 500w pulse cleaners, which are digitally controlled and user friendly. Each laser is controlled by its accompanying optical system, ideal for oxide or lubricant removal prior to welding,
Application of medium power laser cleaning machine:
Medium power laser cleaning machine can effectively remove scale, oil removal; paint removal; targeted corrosion removal on aircraft wings, composite materials and tire molds, historic restoration, paint stripping on aircraft, mold release agent removal Wait.
The medium-power laser cleaning machine can achieve a certain cleaning efficiency and is suitable for pre-welding cleaning of new energy vehicles;
Removal of oil stains and rust layers of auto parts; cleaning of small and medium-sized molds (removal of oxide layers, oil stains, and thin release agents).

In terms of cooling methods, due to the higher power of the laser, it generates more heat. Therefore, there are certain requirements for an effective cooling mechanism of the laser. If the cooling mechanism is not effective, both the machine and the product will be affected. Therefore, as a professional pulse laser manufacturer at JNCT, in order to solve the cooling method, from medium power to high power pulse cleaning machine types, we will use the water-cooled cooling method. , This cooling method can more effectively and quickly help the machine to dissipate heat and maintain long-term work and production activities.


High Power Laser Solutions
There are two kinds of our high-power laser solutions, one is high-power pulsed laser cleaning machine, such as 1000w pulsed laser cleaning machine, the other is high-power continuous laser cleaning machine, high-power pulsed laser cleaning machine is expensive due to its high cost. Generally, we do not recommend, and prefer to recommend high-power continuous laser cleaning machines suitable for industrial use to users. Common models are 1000w continuous laser cleaning machine, 1500w continuous laser cleaning machine, 2000w continuous laser cleaning machine, etc., which are ideal for industrial use and.
High-power laser cleaning machine is suitable for cleaning occasions: eliminating metal corrosion, removing dangerous coatings, pretreatment of welds, nuclear decontamination, cleaning before non-destructive testing/investigation, which can effectively remove red rust; paint removal;
Suitable for sheet metal factory, infrastructure steel structure rust layer and paint removal.

Risk of using the wrong laser
Laser cleaning is considered to be one of the safest and most effective cleaning methods, but if the laser cleaning equipment is not selected properly, it will also bring some losses and dangers. That’s why we spend critical time during the sales process identifying your needs and testing lasers to ensure that a built-to-order laser solution is the perfect fit for your industry requirements. If you use the wrong laser, you risk the following

Damage your product, damage the base material of the product.
Without proper cleaning of your product, the desired level of cleanliness cannot be achieved.
The speed of the laser is too slow, resulting in lower production efficiency
wasted cost on invalid results

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