lightweld 1500 VS TPC 1500

Lightweld 1500 is also one of the optical fiber laser welders. It is a new product launched by IPG company in 2020. lightweld 1500 breaks away from traditional laser welders and makes the body reach an astounding 53kg, it will be a test of the market. Welding efficiency!


TPC 1500 is the third generation of handheld laser welding machine developed by TIPTOP company. On the basis of the first and second generation of several-line welding machine, the size and refrigeration equipment of the laser welding machine have been improved to achieve portable, maneuverable; water-cooled chiller method can make the laser welding machine work for a longer time. This laser welder overall weight is 100kgs, which is convenient for transportation and movement. Most importantly, compared with ipg lightweld 1500 price, it has very high advantages in competitive price, which can help users save half of the cost than lightweld 1500 cost. The product’s ease of use and price to achieve the best balance.

Now we will analyze the differences between lightweld 1500 laser welding system and TPC 1500 in terms of configuration, application, price, after-sales, etc., in order to help users choose the right handheld laser cleaning machine.

Fabricated steel structure enclosing the laser generator, system controller, panel displays and interface electronics

Lightweld 1500
  • W 316 mm, D 641 mm, H 534 mm (12.5 x 25.2 x 21 ins)
  • Integrated 5 meter (˜16 ft) umbilical connection to the Handheld Laser Welding Head
  • Easy-carry handles
TPC 1500
  • W 810 mm, L 830mm, H 600mm (31 x 32.5 x 23.5ins)
  • Integrated 10 meter ( 32ft) umbilical connection to the Handheld Laser Welding Head
  •  Easy-carry handles

Laser Generator

Lightweld 1500

1500 W CW air cooled, Ytterbium Fiber Laser System housed within the Base Unit

  • 50 micron diameter fiber with 5 m (˜16 ft) fiber delivery to the head
  • Power adjustable from 10% to 100% of maximum output power
  • Class-1 collinear red guide beam
TPC 1500

Laser Generator 1000W/1500 W CW water cooled, Modular design, highly integrated system, maintenance-free, high reliability

  • Light spot energy distribution is uniform, stable processing
  • Reduce welding spatter, more stable welding ability of thick plate

Front Panel Controls

Lightweld 1500

Rotary knob controls and displays for Laser Power, Wobble Length and Wobble Frequency

  • Touch button access to 70 Stored Process Mode memory locations
  • System status indicators
  • System enable keyswitch.
  • Emergency Off (EMO) button
TPC 1500

Rotary knob controls and displays for Laser Power, Wobble mode and Wobble Frequency

  • Laser switch button
  • Chiller switch button
    Control system switch button
  • Emergency Off (EMO) button

Handheld Laser Welding Head

Lightweld 1500
  • Optic configuration to deliver on-target beam diameter of 150 um (0.006 ins)
  • Focal Length 120 mm
  • On-axis red guide beam
  • Wobble function: Linear beam scanning. Length 0-5 mm, Frequency 0-300 Hz
  • 2-Position trigger control
  • Integrated welding part touch safety sensor
  • Integrated process gas delivery (Flow controlled by Base Unit)
  • Interchangeable Precision welding nozzle
TPC 1500
  • A handheld welding head with powerful functions, which can realize various light output modes such as point, line, circle, triangle, and figure 8.
  • Lightweight and flexible, the grip design is ergonomic.
  •  The protective lens is easy to replace.
  • High quality optical lens, can carry 2000W power.
  • The scientific cooling system design can effectively control the  working temperature of the product.
  • Good sealing, can significantly improve product life.
  •  Integrated process gas delivery (Flow controlled by Base Unit)
  •  Interchangeable Precision welding nozzle

Included Accessories

Lightweld 1500
  • Air-Cooled Base Unit
  • 5 m (16 ft) IPG Laser Welding Gun
  • 5 m (16 ft) Workpiece Clamp
  • (4) Welding Nozzle Tips
  • (5) Cover Slides
  • Welding helmet with IR shield
  • Laser safety glasses OD 6+
  • 3 m (10 ft) CAT 6 Ethernet Cable
  • Getting Started Guide
  • Power connector, 30A 2P3W IP44 6H
TPC 1500
  • Fabricated steel structure Base Unit
  • 10 m (32 ft) Laser Welding Gun
  •  Welding Nozzle
  • Protective lens
  • Welding helmet with IR shield
  • Laser safety glasses OD 6+
  • Wire feeding machine
  • Getting Started Guide

Chiller System

Lightweld 1500 chiller system is air cooling system, our TPC 1500 chiller system is water cooling system, this include:

  • Cooling laser generator
  • Cooling welding head
  • Dual temperature dual control
  • Efficient and environmentally friendly
  • Flow and over temperature alarm

FAQ for ipg lightweld 1500

Can lightweld 1500 handheld laser welding machine?

If you need to buy hand-held laser welding machine, we suggest you choose TIPTOP hand held fiber laser welding machine, we will give you a most satisfactory price. The size of Lightweld 1500 machine determines that it can only weld in a short time, and can only weld thin spot plates. Our TIPTOP 1500 laser welding machine can work for 1-6mm

What is the lightweld?

 Lightweld brings all the components together in a box the size of a handheld welding laser. Lighweld breaks away from traditional laser welders and makes the body reach an astounding 53kg. This small size both has advantage and disadvantage, the goods in lightweld 1500 is that with this small size, the worker can carry and move easily, but the disadvantage of the lightweld 1500 is that, in this small size, the laser welder must use the air cooling chiller, this will bring the long-term work time problems, so compared with lightweld 1500, we would more suggest you to choose our TIPTOP 1500 model laser welder, this model laser welding machine is a bit bigger than light weld 1500, but besides the similar specification, we choose to use the water chiller cooling method, make the work time keep long time.

Does the lightweld 1500 have a warranty on its fittings?

Only the fittings (copper nozzles for welding) were replaced during this period, which was not indicated by lightweld 1500 or the specific warranty time. As the name suggests, the only thing lightweld 1500 can compare to a hand-held laser welder is its body size. Because it can do the same thing with a hand-held laser welder.

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