fiber laser cutter


TPF 3030 Small laser cutting machine

  • Model:TPF-3030
  • Working Area: 300*300mm
  • Laser Power: 1000w/1500w/2000w/3000w (Optional)
  • Laser source: MAX laser source (Optional)
  • Laser head: Au3Tech cutting head (Optional)
  • Control system: Au3Tech control system (Optional)
  • Repeat Positioning Accuracy: 土0.02mm
  • Accuracy of PositioningMax.: 0.03mm
  • Movement Speed: 170m/min
  • Max.Cutting Speed: 80m/min
  • Power Consumption: <10KW
  • Water chiller: Hanli/Tongfei/S&A
  • Specified voltage and frequency: 380V/50Hz/60Hz/60A(Customizable)

400w Mold laser welding machine main parts

laser cutter head

Laser Cutter Head

  • The high efficiency cooling
  • Chase the light aperture
  • Automatic focus
  • High speed cutting
Fuji servo motor and driver

Motor and drive

  • Standard 23-bit absolute encoder
  • high speed up to 6000rpm
  • 3-4 times of overload capacity
  • small size, light weight

Laser source

  • The mode can be switched
  • High photoelectric conversion efficiency
  • Diverse compatibility
  • Convenient integration
  • Wide range of applications

Control System

  • MCC3721H Motion Control System
  • Designed for medium power
  • Designed for laser cutting applications
  • Including motion control
  • Z axis height control
  • Cutting method
  • Graphic Design
laser cutter chiller

Water chiller

  • Brand:wuhan hanli chiller
  • Cooling the laser and cutting head
  • Dual temperature and dual control