TPF1390 Small metal laser cutter

  • Model:TPF1309M
  • XY Axis Maximum Acceleration:1.2G
  • Working Area:1300*900mm
  • XY axis Max. Speed:35m/min
  • X axis working area:1300mm
  • XY Axis Transmission system:helical rack and pinion
  • Y axis working area:900mm
  • Z Axis Transmission system:Taiwan TBI ballscrew
  • Laser Power:1000W-3000W
  • Cooling System:Industry water chiller

Small metal laser cutter parameters

laser cutter head

Fiber laser cutting machine head

Raytools Laser Cutting Head,Optimized optical configuration and smooth and efficient airflow design

laser cutter source

MAX Laser Generator

Higher photoelectric conversion efficiency more stable beam quality stronger anti-high-reflection ability to achieve better cutting results

Fuji servo motor and driver

Fuji servo motor and driver

Simple operation, excellent stability high-speed, high-precision processing can be achieved

FSCUT1000S system

FSCUT1000S system

Stable and reliable Easy to deploy Easy to debug Production safety Feature rich

Excellent performance and other features

laser cutting machine Rails and racks

Rails and racks

  • Rail: Taiwan LAPPNG Rack: LEITRSEN Germany
  • Heat- treated rack has high hardness and long service life
  • Improve sports smoothness Low noise design
laser cutter chiller

Cooling system

Designed for fiber laser equipment research and development, perfectly compatible with various brand lasers