1309M Metal Laser Cutting Machine

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Mini Laser Cutter For Sale

  • Model:TPF1309M
  • Working Area:1300*900
  • Laser Power:1000w/1 500w/2000w/3000w
  • Laser source:MAX laser source
  • L aser head:RayTools cutting head
  • Control system:FSCUT 1000
  • Repeat Positioning Accuracy:土0.02mm
  • Accuracy of PositioningMax.:0.03mm
  • Movement Speed:170m/min
  • Max.CuttingSpeed:80m/min
  • Power Consumption:<10KW
  • Water chiller:Hanli/Tongfei/Cw
  • Specified voltage and frequency:380V/50Hz/60Hz/60A(Customiz)

Metal Laser Cutter Spare Parts

laser cutter head

Laser cutting head

The high efficiency cooling Chase the light aperture Automatic focus High speed cutting Optimized optical and water-cooled design enables the laser head to work stably for a long time under high power

laser cutter source

MAX Laser Generator

Higher laser utilization High electro-optical conversion efficiency The output core diameter is smaller and the energy density is high, which can precisely cut small objects

laser cutter chiller

Hanli Chiller

Cooling the laser and cutting head Dual temperature and dual control Condensing temperature control Intelligent control of condensing temperature, high efficiency and energy saving, To ensure the continuous and stable operation of the compressor

The biggest feature for this metal laser cutter is that the size is small,  with the power of 1000w/1500w/2000w/3000w.

This can have small space for home use or for small business owner.