The cooling system of pulse laser cleaning machine

Laser cleaning technology by using high frequency high-energy laser pulses irradiation surface, coating layer can instantly absorb laser energy focus, make the oil, rusty spot or coating on the surface of the evaporating or dissection, high-speed effectively remove attachments to or surface coatings on the surface cleaning, and laser pulse duration is very short, will not harm of the base metal.

Pulse laser cleaning machine has two different cooling system :water cooling and air cooling system.

Water cooling or Air cooling just a cooling method,take Raycus as an example:

1.Pulse flat top light (generally water-cooled) is a large light spot, suitable for the application of weak adhesion and the application of the substrate to be protected (non-destructive/slightly damaged substrate) .

Suitable for various processing scenarios (rust removal, paint removal, oxidation layer, oil removal, coating removal, carbon deposition, etc.)


  1. Pulse Gaussian light (generally air-cooled) is a small spot of light, suitable for the application scene with strong adhesion of pollutants, suitable for cleaning the stripping of substrate, such as oxide scale, deep red and black rust, need to clean the substrate (such as weld)


  1. Generally flat light can not be cleaned, gaussian light will be used;


  1. The spot size of flat top light is about 10 times that of Gaussian light (the same power, high efficiency), and the energy density of Gaussian light is much higher than that of flat top light (the pollutant and substrate adhesion is strong with Gaussian light).
  2. In terms of cooling effect, water cooling is better.

6.Water cooling system suitable for long working hours.

  1. Air-cooled system is small in size, light in weight, flexible in use, and has few application site restrictions.

To sum up, the air-cooled system and the water-cooled system have their own advantages, and customers can choose according to their own needs.

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