Laser cleaning application in the military equipment

Laser cleaning machine can be used to clean not only organic contaminants, but also inorganic materials. Laser cleaning in the equipment cleaning and maintenance will be widely used.

In the humidity, temperature, and no sunlight in the underground wells or pits, the most suitable for the growth of mold.

And some large equipment due to confidential reasons and precisely in such an environment, mold engulfment and reproduction will make organic materials to reduce the strength of the damage, the active part of the blockage, mold adsorption of water will lead to other forms of corrosion, such as galvanic corrosion, mold secretion of corrosive liquids will make the metal corrosion and oxidation. Growth of mold in addition to the above common hazards, mycelium will also form a biological bridge to affect the equipment connected to the cable of good contact between the core of the plug should be insulated from each other, affecting the normal testing of insulation resistance and the use of safe and reliable, affecting the normal work of the equipment, which affects the normal military training process and effectiveness, in combat will lead to important equipment can not be launched on time or can not be launched and delayed war opportunity. It can be seen that the growth of mold on military equipment is very harmful, must be regularly removed.

However, the commonly used mechanical cleaning, chemical cleaning methods such as labor-intensive, can not penetrate deep into the gap part of the equipment, poor cleaning effect, can not complete the cleaning task, which has become one of the problems plaguing the operator.

Laser cleaning technology mainly uses laser high energy, high frequency, high power characteristics, the high energy density of the beam to hit the surface of the object to be cleaned in a smaller area, the use of substrate materials and adhesion to the difference in laser absorption capacity, so that the object surface “dirt” adhesion or coating instantly “evaporate “or stripped. Compared to traditional cleaning methods, laser cleaning has many advantages such as non-contact, non-abrasive, non-thermal effect and wide applicability, is considered the most reliable and effective “cleaner”, has been in the military equipment cleaning, heritage protection, precision parts processing and other fields play an important role.

Even the “traces” of age can be repaired by the skillful, not to mention the repair and maintenance of military equipment. Laser cleaning technology can efficiently and quickly remove rust and contaminants on the surface of the equipment, equivalent to a “deep cleaning” of the equipment. At the same time, can also be set through different parameters, the metal surface of the equipment to form a dense oxide protective film or molten metal layer, can further enhance the strength of the metal surface and corrosion resistance, “facelift” equipment was also put on a not afraid of erosion of the “iron shirt “. Flight over a period of time in the repainting of warplanes, can also be completely removed through laser cleaning surface paint layer, the metal surface remains “unscathed”, and thus greatly enhance the service life of warplanes.

Laser cleaning of the “eighteen arts” is not only this. Electronic equipment on the information battlefield to experience the test of the cruel environment, electronic components will inevitably be contaminated with dust, affecting the efficiency of electronic equipment, laser cleaning can make electronic equipment “back from the dead”. Tanks, aircraft and even spacecraft and other types of mechanical equipment, but also often need to be used on the parts to lubricate the oil to clean.

Laser cleaning compared to chemical methods is the biggest advantage of the surface of the parts “double the care”. Laser cleaning can also be used in nuclear power plant reactor pipeline cleaning, equipment production molds can also be used with the laser to “scrub” clean. Even in relation to the battlefield used to feed the field food, in the production process also need to produce equipment for regular cleaning, laser cleaning can also rush to “take a hand”.

More importantly, laser cleaning or a “green” cleaning method. It does not need to use any chemicals, cleaning down the solid waste easier to store recycling. “Soft invisible” light will not produce mechanical effects on the surface of the equipment, such as “secondary damage”, and a high degree of cleanliness. At the same time, laser cleaning high efficiency, less time, low cost of use, but also to achieve fully automated operation.

It can be predicted that laser cleaning technology as a “new generation” of green cleaning process, with green environmental protection, no damage to the substrate, low cost, precision and accurate cleaning, automated cleaning and other advantageous features, in the army equipment maintenance will have good prospects for development.

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