Jewelry Laser welder

Jewelry Laser Welder

Model:TPW-200W Jewelry Laser Welder

  • Jewelry laser welding machine with seperate chiller.
  • Model:TPW-200W
  • Laser wavalength : 1064nm
  • Pulse width:0.2-10ms
  • Continuous welding frequency: 0.5-20hz
  • Laser spot: 0.2-2mm
  • Control system: computer
  • Power consumption: <=9kw
  • Repetition accuracy:+-0.01mm
  • Dimensions:99* 57*67cm
  • Gross weight: 120KG

Jewelry Laser Welding Machine Characters

jnct jewelry laser welder
jewelry laser welder parts

Jewelry laser welder - LED LIGHT

360° LED light no dead angle lighting.

jnct laser welder emergency button

Jewelry laser welder emergency button

Emergency operation button,escort you for your safety.


Simple operation and easy to use.

Split jewelry laser welder chiller

The high-configuration stable chiller can work for 24 hours for a long time,with good cooling effect