200w JPT laser cleaning machine

  • Handheld cleaning head Only 750g
  • The laser cleaning head is extremely lightweight
  • Can be operated by hand for a long time
  • Integrated injection molding chassis
  • Buffer design
  • Stable structure
  • Wear-resistant, shockproof, drop-resistant
  • Portable trolley case design,
  • The weight of the whole machine is 20.2kg
  • Can take high-speed rail or air consignment

JPT Laser source

It has the characteristics of independent adjustable pulse width and frequency to adapt to a wider range of cleaning scenarios.

200w laser cleaning machine for sale


  • Fiber length: 5m
  • Average output power: >200W
  • Single pulse energy:2mJ
  • Frequency adjustable range:1-3000kHz
  • Pulse Width:13- 500ns
  • Cooling method: Air cooled
  • Self-designed laser cleaning control card and program
  • which can control laser parameters and scanning system
  • parameters at the same time
  • APP applet
  • Wireless control card

200w jpt laser cleaning machine application

200w jpt laser cleaning machine application