portable laser cleaning machine

Portable laser rust removal machine - Best portable laser cleaning machine for sale

50w portable laser rust removal machine

  • The portable laser cleaning machine is light to hold, laser rust removal gun weight is only 645g, you can work long time with such light weight during cleaning process.
  • It can work offline, and it can be cleaned after power on
  • Customized the laser rust removal output spot
  • Adjust the focus position with patented focusing technology
  • Adjust the parameter remotely, wireless control
  • Total weight is N.W:7.5KGS, G.W: 8.5kgs, portable trolley case design

Portable laser rust removal machine parameters

portable fiber laser cleaner rust removal laser cleaning machine

Total Weight: 7.5kgs


portable laser cleaning
  • Model index: 50W portable laser rust removal laser cleaning machine
  • M²: <2
  • Output armor cable length(m ): 10
  • Average output power(W):>100
  • Maximum pulse energy( mJ): 1.5
  • Frequency adjustable range(kHz):1-4000
  • Pulse Width(ns):2-500
  • Unstable output power(%)<5
  • Cooling method:Air-cooled
  • Supply voltage (V):48V
  • Maximum power consumption(W):<400
  • Environment supply current(A):>8
  • Current Center wavelength(nm):1064
  • Polarization direction : at will
  • Whether anti-high reflection:Yes
  • Beam diameter(mm):4.0±0.5,7.5±0.5(customization)
  • Power adjustment range (%):0~100
  • Range of working temperature(℃):0~40
  • Storage temperature range(℃):-10~60
You can check below video for portable laser rust removal machine work process