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Mini laser welder

MINI LASER WELDING MACHINE Input power: 2KW Output power: 100w Maximum single pulse energy: 80J Laser wavelength: 1064nm Spot size: 0.3-2.5mm Power regulation: 1-100% Pulse width adjustment: 0.1-15ms Frequency adjustment: 1-20HZ Working focal length: F=110mm Working voltage: AC220V 50/60HZ Power plug: European standard, American standard, British standard, national standard, customized Language: Chinese, English, Korean, Hungry, Customized Check Price Our mini laser welder is designed for precise, high-speed …

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metal laser cutter price

TPF 1309M Metal Laser Cutter

1309M Metal Laser Cutting Machine Mini Laser Cutter For Sale Model:TPF1309M Working Area:1300*900 Laser Power:1000w/1 500w/2000w/3000w Laser source:MAX laser source L aser head:RayTools cutting head Control system:FSCUT 1000 Repeat Positioning Accuracy:土0.02mm Accuracy of PositioningMax.:0.03mm Movement Speed:170m/min Max.CuttingSpeed:80m/min Power Consumption:<10KW Water chiller:Hanli/Tongfei/Cw Specified voltage and frequency:380V/50Hz/60Hz/60A(Customiz) Metal Laser Cutter Spare Parts Laser cutting head The high …

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fiber laser cutter

Fiber Laser Cutter

FiBER LASER CUTTING MACHINE TPF 3030 Small laser cutting machine Model:TPF-3030 Working Area: 300*300mm Laser Power: 1000w/1500w/2000w/3000w (Optional) Laser source: MAX laser source (Optional) Laser head: Au3Tech cutting head (Optional) Control system: Au3Tech control system (Optional) Repeat Positioning Accuracy: 土0.02mm Accuracy of PositioningMax.: 0.03mm Movement Speed: 170m/min Max.Cutting Speed: 80m/min Power Consumption: <10KW Water chiller: …

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Small Metal Laser Cutter

SMALL METAL LASER CUTTER TPF1390 Small metal laser cutter Model:TPF1309M XY Axis Maximum Acceleration:1.2G Working Area:1300*900mm XY axis Max. Speed:35m/min X axis working area:1300mm XY Axis Transmission system:helical rack and pinion Y axis working area:900mm Z Axis Transmission system:Taiwan TBI ballscrew Laser Power:1000W-3000W Cooling System:Industry water chiller Check Price Small metal laser cutter parameters Fiber …

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Mold Laser Welding Machine

Mold Laser Welding Machine

400w mold laser welder Adopt well-known ceramics, cor-rpsion resistance, high tempera-ture resistance, cavity life (8-10) years, xenon lamp life is more than 8 milion times。Electric lifting upand down POWER:200W/300W/400W/500W/600W Power cooling system: Internal air cooling Laser wavelength: 1064nm YAG cavity cooling: External water chiller Pulsed width:0.3mm Controlling system: PLC programming Pulse depth:0.3-20ms adjustable Observing system: …

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desktop jewelry laser welder

Desktop Jewelry Welder

Desktop Jewelry Laser Welding Machine Model: TPW- 200W desktop jewelry laser welder Jewelry; diamond rings pendants, accessories, necklaces, etc. The desktop is compact and easy to handle. The whole machine is 90 kg. Pure white corrugated paint clean and durable,not easy to scratch. Check Price DESKTOP JEWELRY LASER WELDING MACHINE Machine model:TPW-200w Max power of single impulse:90J-150J …

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Jewelry Laser welder

Jewelry Laser Welder

Jewelry Laser Welder Model:TPW-200W Jewelry Laser Welder Jewelry laser welding machine with seperate chiller. Model:TPW-200W Laser wavalength : 1064nm Pulse width:0.2-10ms Continuous welding frequency: 0.5-20hz Laser spot: 0.2-2mm Control system: computer Power consumption: <=9kw Repetition accuracy:+-0.01mm Dimensions:99* 57*67cm Gross weight: 120KG Check Price Jewelry Laser Welding Machine Characters Jewelry laser welder – LED LIGHT 360° …

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handheld laser welding machine for sale

Handheld Laser Welding Machine

Handheld Laser Welding Machine Model: TPT-1000W/1500w/2000w handheld laser welding machine Up to 4X faster than TIG Easy to learn and operate with highest process consistency High quality welding of thick, thin and reflective metals without distortion, deformation, undercut or burn-through Welding of dissimilar metal parts of different thicknesses Dramatically low heat input and minimized heat affected zone …

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4 axis laser welding machine

4 Axis Automatic Laser Welder

4 axis automatic laser welding machine Model: TPT-1000W Automatic laser welding machine High weld consistency Suitable for mass production,high efficiency Weld seam is smooth, no need to be polished Sealed weld seam, high strength Adjustable power,Wide range of applications Check Price 4 axis automatic laser welding machine specification Model TPW-1000W Laser power 1000W Cabinet Four- …

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cnc laser engraver

cnc laser engraver

CNC engraving machines L(mm): 1290 W(mm): 860 H(mm):1780 CBM: 1.97 N.W.(KG):350 G.W.(KG):395 Click here CNC engraving machines Product Name cnc engraving machines laser marking machine Model TPF-20W/30W/50W/60W Marking Depth ≤5cm work Area (cm) 100*100mm 150*150mm 175*175mm Repeat Precision 士0.001mm Laser Generator fiber laser generator Cooling Style Air Cooling Laser Power 20W-100W(Optional) Power Supply 220V (+10%) …

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